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For what reasons has Japanese cuisine gained worldwide popularity?

In Japan seasonality of food is considered to be extremely important, so people enjoy seafood, vegetables and fruits at their best according to the season.

The traditional Japanese way of cooking, using well-selected ingredients such as seafood and vegetables, and without using too much oil, can allow us to appreciate the simplicity of natural flavours.

To eat what is "in season" is not just about flavour. It also means eating something at its best from a nutritional perspective.The fact that Japanese cuisine gained recognition from people throughout the world as a healthy, nutritious and delicious food must be the driving force behind its popularity.

Japanese cuisine itself is an integral component of Japanese culture, and being able to share the Japanese experience with people throughout the world is the joy and purpose of our company.

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Yamafuku's strength lies in having over 15000 products in stock and 35000 products available on request. This enable us to provide the right product at the right time.

We have the capacity to support Japanese restaurants in various ways, using its wide range of products that includes: quality ingredients produced in Japan; processed foods made using special techniques; and finished products made with a focus on convenience.

Our years of experience in the food industry have allowed Yamafuku to build relationships with over 1500 manufacturers specializing in Japanese food, and develop a system for delivering items that best meet the needs of Japanese restaurants throughout the world.

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Yamafuku promises to make sincere efforts with regards to food safety, in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

As well as maintaining and managing bacteria test charts, nutritional analysis charts and relevant date, we believe that the most important thing from the consumer's perspective is for us to perform food safety assurance regarding traceability as well as spot inspectations in factories.

Our mission is to supply healthy, delicious and safe Japanese food.
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Osechi is the most traditional and the most colorful Japanese cuisine, which is prepared once a year to celebrate the New year.

Japanese people believe that each item prepared has its own significance and brings the family good luck and happiness in the coming year.

At Yamafuku, we have been successful in producing frozen traditional Osechi using the latest technology.In doing so, we have achieved the transportability, safety, competitive pricing and convenience that only frozen Osechi can deliver.

We sell about 300,000 sets every year and they are highly praised by customers around the world, as well as Japan.

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